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Diving Links

Dive Operators

  • Phuket dash Scuba dot Com, the diving company on Phuket with which we work in close cooperation.
  • Diving Similans, English and Dutch website about daytrip diving, overnight trips and liveaboard diving at the Similan Islands in Thailand.
  • Phuket Divecourses, English website from Phuket dash Scuba dot Com with all information about divecourses in Phuket, Thailand.
  • Our special offers page with diving specials: special diving daytrips, special liveaboard trips and last minute liveaboard diving offers.
  • Blog from Phuket dash Scuba dot Com with the latest relevant news on Phuket, ther diving here, our specials, the weather, etc..

Diving Websites

Tourist Information

  • Phuket Pagina, Dutch page with forum on Phuket and links to different websites about Phuket.
  • TAT, official website of the Tourist Authority of Thailand. In order to operate legally and give financial protection to the guests all tour agents and diving operators are required to be a member of TAT, have a bond deposit with TAT and display their membership number on website and other communications. The number of Phuket dash Scuba dot Com is 34/00245.
  • Thailand Travel Forum, very useful forum with links to information pages and hotel booking site.
  • Phuket Thailand; Island Travel Guide, travel guide including hotel reservation and island information.
  • Thailand Forum, the most active Thailand forum of the Netherlands.
  •, Dutch startpage with search engine, a lot of information on Thailand.

Accommodation on Phuket

Accommodation on Samui


  • Project Aware, a global force of divers, mobilizing to protect our ocean planet.
  • Phuket Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, where gibbons are rehabilitated to live independently in the wild after having been used and abused, where it is tried to end the use of gibbons as pets and tourist attractions and where the last remaining rainforest on Phuket is preserved and repopulated with gibbons.
  • ABC Nursery, international childcare center in Rawai, Phuket, where Phum has happy gone 'to school' for many years.
    His new, primary, school is Palm House School, the only school in the Southwest of Phuket offering an international curriculum.

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